Rules / regulation

Teams or individuals with or without a project can participate in DOX IN VITRO.

Project must be sent in an OPEN document, doc, xcl, jpg (NOT pdf).
  • synopsis (max. 2 pages, .doc)
  • estimated budget (.xcl)
  • production plan and the estimated time of delivery (.doc, xcl)
  • short introduction or CV of the involved partners; director, producer, company (.doc)
  • link to previous work/pilot/trailer (email)
  • image (.jpg, visual of the project)

(to be sent by Email)

We guarantee to keep the materials mentioned above strictly confidential and only to share it with the selection committee and participants during the workshop.

The list of the projects (title, a short description for publication, image, dir., producer) selected to DIV will be publicly announced by August 26, , on www.doxinvitro.eu.

By completing and submitting the form, participants agree to the terms and conditions of the DIV.

DIV does not cover any accommodation or travel expenses for participants, we only arrange refreshments and lunch during the event. Participants can take advantage of the discount at the Magnolia Festival Hotel, the password “Cinematik” is required when booking.


  • 15 August ( participants with a project)
  • 30 August (participants without a project)

Participation fee: 150.- EUR (for one project). After confirming the acceptance of the project, the participants receive an invoice from the organizers, which must be paid before the start of the event.

All personal data will be treated in accordance with GDPR.

By taking part in DIV you grant the organisers full rights to use the images resulting from the photography for fundraising and publicity purposes.