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This is the list of projects registered for Dox In Vitro . The project list for the seminar is closed now.

You can see the list of projects from the previous editions below.


After the storm

Production company: KETVIRTA VERSIJA
Producer: Teresa Rožanovska
Director: Francesco Rufini

It is said that life is a constant search: either to find oneself or to look for answers. “Po Audros” follows the amber seekers in their constant search for amber, an ancient Lithuanian pursuit. Perhaps, the next washed-out piece will hold the answers they are looking for…


Production company: FILM & SOCIOLOGIE
Producer: Jan Bodnár
Directors: Martin Páv, Nicolas Kourek

Marie (45 years old) is a Romani woman, mother of three children and lives an orderly life with her husband Enrik (50 years old), who is trying to get her family and the wider community out of the spiral of poverty that afflicts them. Iveta (35 years old) is Marie’s sister and is referred to by many as her complete opposite. She has nine children, but she cannot take care of them due to her addiction to meth.

The upcoming film Dajori (which means Mother in Romani language) tells the story of how Marie takes care of her relatives at a time when they could not keep a roof over their heads. While dealing with this problem, another one arises when they find out that two of Iveta’s children have been taken into foster care…

I don't know if that makes sense

Production company: KADHAS
Producer / Director: Anantha Krishnan

In this film we follow the curator and artist Johan Grimonprez into a world broader than the scientific realm. Grimonprez is a man not scared of questioning everything. What is consciousness for example? And what about time? Are there such things as horizontal and vertical time?

Privet Europa

Production company: MANILHA FILMES
Producer / director: Hermano Moreira

“Nem Cá, Nem Lá”, tells the adventures of ARTISTS from Portuguese-speaking countries, who migrated to Portugal. It talks about expectations and realities of immigration, while performing his arts and telling how his personal conflicts and his creative processes were impacted and transformed with the move from the country of origin to Europe.

New neighbours

Production company: FILMFRAME
Producer: Zuzana Chadimova
Directors: Marian Bushan, Adrian Mihalik

Big and small things. Facts and stories that are characteristic of Ukrainians, our new neighbours in our neighbourhood. Based on Slovak local podcast with real heroes, we bring you the stories of our new neighbours as they adapt to life in our country. The narration is through their inner perception and concrete experiences. It opens the way to understanding the essence of what Ukraine is made of and how to understand Ukrainians living among us.

Raw rent a womb

Production company: STALKER PRODUCTION
Producer: Veronika Verešová
Director: Jaro Ridzoň

Eye-opening journey into surrogacy exploring the truth behind this controversial practice in EU legislation through stories of surrogate mothers and hopeful parents. From the dark side of exploitation and abuse to the ethical and legal questions, this film seeks to understand the limits and benefits of surrogacy. It aspires to offer several perspectives and opinions to help shape the public discourse around this topic.

Tough life of a musician

Production company: GRISMEDIO
Producer / director: Antonio Marenco

Jacinto and Pablo Melara are “Los Ganglios,” a legendary “Punk Techno Porc” group born in Extremadura and successfully exported to Barcelona. However, the two brothers juggle the life of an artist, an employee, and a family man… well, they have no other option but to make their creativity an unstoppable mechanism.

“The tough life of a musician” becomes the search for a balance between different worlds. Their story unfolds through loops: the creative family environment of their childhood, a recent tour, and the composition of the new album.

This documentary wants to be a portrait not only of my two friends but also of a category that is seldom celebrated critically: the artist who struggles to turn their passion into a job.


Production company: SUPER FILM
Producer: Simona Hrušovská
Director: Andrea Kalinová

Thirty years ago Tskaltubo was the most sought after spa town in the USSR. After it’s collapse, followed by a war with Abkhazia and Georgia, the spas had become the largest refugee camp in the country. Around 6 000 refugees found a home in the sanatoriums.


Title Production company, producer, director
THE FOURTH DOWN ( FR) Aral Sea Productions, p./d. Pauline Blanchet
AN INSTANT OF NON-EXISTENCE (FR) Retroviseur Productions, p. Dorian BLANC, d. Hannah Papacek Harper
BEYOND A KNIT CAP (SK) VIRUSfilm, p. Vít Janeček, d. Violette Deffontaines
LOVE THE GENERALS (CZ) VIRUSfilm, p./d. Vít Janeček
DUST-UP (SK) StoryLab, p. Lea Podhardská, d. Flóra Monozlai, Creative Producer/Dramaturgist: András Kocsányi
WHAT ABOUT PETER? (CZ) GNOMON Production, p. Jan Bodnár, r. Martin Trabalík
PRYVIT EUROPA (IT) TBA, p./d. Michele Aeillo

Title Production company
Andy Warhol From A TO W ATTACK FILM s.r.o. (SK)
A Happy Man AZYL Production s.r.o. (SK)
As Long As I Live Bright sight pictures (SK)
Interiors Guča s.r.o. (SK)
All Good Everywhere NINJA film s.r.o. (SK)
Woman of the New Age Reminiscencie (SK)
My Father's Daughter Little Bus Production (HU)

Title Production company, producer, director
BEAUTIFUL LIES (SK) Bright Sight Pictures
Redhat Fikirdöküm (AZ), Parvana Rahimova
Too Punk To Choose TBA (DK), p. Line Hvidtfeldt, d. Andrea V. Strøbæk
Searching for Pokemon / Looking for Donbas Minimal movie (UA), p. Roman Blazhan, d. Mikhail Volkov
Rito Rétroviseur productions (FR), p. Dorian Blanc, d. Emilio Belmonte
The Last Jewish Wedding Quetzalcoatl (BE), p. Marc Goyens, d. Thom M Vander Beken

Title Production company
The Sailor Toxpro (SK)
Phoenix Daire Collins (GB)
Mauerfall Dirk Manthey Film (DE)
Trash Island People of hope (SK)
Juanto: A Writer From A Country Without Bookstores Fore De Quadre (ES)
The Hole In My Life XAPF / Amego Film (NL / HU)

Title Production company
Ondrej Bad Idea, o.z. (SK)
Remedy People of hope (SK)
For God And Nation EDIT Studio, s.r.o. (SK)
In Search of Special Women nutprodukcia, s.r.o. (SK)
The King of Time Academy of Performing Arts – FTF VŠMU & Guča, s.r.o. (SK)
My Dear Neighbours or Do You Speak Carpatian German? Reminiscencie (SK)

Title Production company
Armageddon in the Living Room Franckforsten (FI)
Engraved in my Memory Salas Filmworks & Cinema Inútile (ISL-HK)
Fake Lies KaBoGa art & films (ES)
Illusion Kadmedia s.r.o. (SK)
Our Neighbours Mandala Pictures (SK)
Ring, Ripples, Ring NEED MORE s.r.o. (SK)
Slovak Women Football Monika Korenčiová, Katarína Javorská (SK)
War of Imagination co.h (IT)

Title Production company
Never Happened Leon Productions (SK)
The Professional Foreigner Reminiscencie (SK)
Yours Sincerely, Social System Mirakl (SK)

Title Production company
Comrade Girls Hitchhiker Cinema (SK)
Contaminated Future Frame Film (SK) & Sousa Media (DK)
Hi-Jab The Other End (CZ)
Stigma Engerau Cinefilia (SK)
Until I Forget Myself Bad Idea (SK)

Title Production company
Caritas Et Amor PI "Ironcat" (LT)
Girl, Are You Married? Arreiro Docs Films (SK)
Mask, Face of Destiny Danubestory (SK)
Paths Raddox Studio (CZ)
The Late Harvest iamnewhere Ltd. (HU)
The Terezín Gravediggers 8Heads Productions, Yekot Film (CZ)


Title Production company
Afghanistan Music Fardad Rastgar (Iran)
King of Porn Bone Production (SK)
Identity Card MgA. Yvonne Vavrová - YVONNE (SK)
Salto Mortale Kollektiv (SK)

Title Production company
FELVidek Mandala Pictures (SK)
Legendary Carlton Namur (SK)
The Woman Rabbi K2 Studio (SK)
Gioia Bella Acapu (SK)
Digital Prints of a Revolution Nutprodukce (CZ)
Pit Hole Jiří Stejskal (CZ)

Title Production company
History Class Filmpark (SK)
Wolf Arina (SK)
The History of a Film Never Shot TRIGON Production (SK)
Corncockle Piknik Pictures (SK)
neXt_generation Filmdock (SK)
Passions (SK)
Scraps of Memory (SK)
Salto Mortale Inside Out Media Productions (SK)

Title Production company
Angel of God, My Guardian Dear Midart (SK)
Back to Gürün Profile Pictures (AM)
Homo Video Hitchhiker Cinema (SK)
Parallel Lives Mandala Pictures (SK)
Turbo Semtam (SK)
Who Have We Become Lenka Koláriková (SK)

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